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06 Sep 2010

Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre (LMIPC)

Music Information Centre Lithuania (MICL) was established in 1996 on the initiative of the Lithuanian Composers' Union. From 2001 MICL works as a non-government, non-profit public organization, founded by the Lithuanian Composers' Union.


To make music created by the Lithuanian artists accessible, to get it performed and heard. In carrying out its role, MICL documents, provides access to, and actively promotes music by the Lithuanian artists. MICL serves the needs of people professionally involved with music.

Since 2006 MICL covers all genres of music ranging from pop / rock, electronic, jazz, to contemporary classical music.


At the MICL you will find:

  • manuscript library with orchestral, chamber, choral scores and parts by Lithuanian classical and contemporary composers, manuscripts and copies;

  • library of published works by Lithuanian classical and contemporary composers;

  • sound library of Lithuanian classical and contemporary music;

  • online data bank on Lithuanian music and artists, since 2006 expanding in all genres - classical/contemporary, traditional, jazz, pop/rock, electronic/experimental etc.


To make the most valuable part of the Lithuanian classical contemporary repertoire available, since 1997 MICL has been publishing scores and CDs.

Publishing imprints:

  • Lithuanian Classical Series

  • Lithuanian Anthologies

  • Popular chamber music compositions, which to date reaches over 100 compositions

CD sub-labels:

  • Contemporary Composer

  • Contemporary Composition

  • Lithuanian Classics

  • Catalogue includes over 70 CD releases and promotional CDs and their series.


The MICL pursues active promotion of Lithuanian classical and contemporary music among performers, organizers of music events, broadcasters, journalists, sending and giving out the packages of CDs, scores, catalogues, brochures, and other material, as well as organizes visits to Lithuania for music journalists and other interested parties.

The MICL also collaborates with the international recording companies, licencing the recordings for release in various markets world-wide.

The MICL publishes Lithuanian Music Link (printed and online version, Lithuanian and English languages), semi-annual newsletter on Lithuanian contemporary composers and their music, providing information on recent developments in the field.


Initiated in July 2006 to assist in furthering the work of Lithuanian music creators, the project Music Lithuania is aiming to maintain close contacts with all relevant parties in the Lithuanian music industry and facilitate exports of the Lithuanian music production.

Music Lithuania represents Lithuanian music industry at the international music trade fairs by:

  • providing a stand for Lithuanian participants, in co-operation with Lithuanian music professionals organizes sales initiatives and showcases;

  • developing an extensive Lithuanian music website, as a gate to various musics in Lithuania;

  • collecting and distributing export-related information about the industry and opportunities to Lithuanian music professionals as well as keeping international music industry professionals up to date on new developments in the Lithuanian music industry;

  • seeking to co-promote products of Lithuanian music companies.

The partner of the project is the Lithuanian Copyright Protection Association LATGA.

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