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05 Jul 2011

Vilnius Municipal Choir "Young Music" (Jauna Muzika)

Jauna Muzika (Young Music) is one of the most outstanding choirs in Lithuania. It has won 15 international choir competitions, and in 1993 was awarded the highest prize, the Grand Prix Europeo. The mission of this ensemble of professional musicians is to present the inexhaustible and valuable treasury of choral music a capella, and this mission, which requires complete professional mastery, has led the choir to achieve the singing quality that has been acknowledged all over the world. Today Jauna Muzika is a sought after partner in performing vocal-instrumental works both in Lithuania and abroad.

In 1995 "Jauna Muzika" started organising constant professional skills improving courses for Lithuanian choir conductors with participation of foreign conductors as teachers. Lithuania has old and rich choral singing traditions, however, today when the country is experiencing economical difficulties young choir conductors and students cannot afford attending international choir conducting courses or seminars abroad. This is how the idea of such courses started.