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06 Sep 2010

Korean Academy of Film

KAFA started out with the Film Directing Department alone when it was first established.
In 2001, the Korean Academy of Animation Arts merged with KAFA and Animation Directing Department was added on. Finally, in 2005, Producing Department became a new addition to develop into a multi-encompassing film school operating a four-part professional education and training curriculum that includes film directing, cinematography, animation directing and producing.

The young minds who gather at KAFA are all energetic and filled with passion for cinema. In the midst of unique and creative education environment of KAFA they are expected to complete solid programs focused on hands-on experiences. Despite the hard work, step by step they grow everyday into talented film makers, always thinking of better ways to bring good cinema into the world.

History of Korean cinema is built upon the hard work, efforts and passion of KAFA alumni. Such ardent, heart moving experience of learning is open to all those who love cinema.