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06 Jun 2011

Korean Academy Of Film Arts

The Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA) offers professional training to students in the disciplines of directing and cinematography. Established in 1984, KAFA alumni include feature film directors, cinematographers and film professors. In March 1999, the Korean Academy of Animation Arts was established to further promote the development of Korean animation. Together, these two schools have built a reputation as the nation's top training ground for new filmmakers. Due to the demanding nature of the program, only students with prior filmmaking experience are considered for admission. Each year, 12 directing majors, 12 animation majors, and 6 cinematography majors are selected from a large number of applicants in a heavily portfolio-based selection process.

KAFA's two-year program focuses on practical workshops, where students produce their own films and learn from industry professionals. The course work is demanding and students must participate in 21 projects, refining their skills in directing, cinematography, editing, and sound recording through digital video, 16mm, and a 35mm collaborative project. Upon graduation, students will have acquired the professional skills necessary to meet the needs and challenges of the film industry. Each year, KAFA students showcase their talents at the annual Korean Academy of Film Arts Festival. KAFA films have competed in many international film festivals and won many awards.