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12 Jun 2011

Lv Prasad Film & TV Academy

Located in the sprawling Prasad Studios campus of Chennai, the L.V. Prasad Film and TV Academy will open in August 2006 to admit 10 students each in Three Different Streams.

- Direction
- Cinematography
- Editing & Sound Design

The Academy offers Two-Year Full-Time Post Graduate Diplomas in Film & Television & One Year Diplomas in Editing & Sound Design. Students will learn the fundamentals of all the three different streams during the course period, and will also have the opportunity of specializing in a stream of their choice in their second year of study. The aim of the Academy is to promote holistic film makers and Television Producers who will be versatile, having the knowledge and experience in fields as varied as Sound Recording, Editing, Visual Animation, Cinematography, Screenplay Writing and Direction.

Objectives: The Academy’s main goal is to produce trained filmmakers with a commitment to excel and a desire for perfection. The world of digital cinema & infotainment is set to grow in quantum leaps making it imperative for the new media to combine artistry and technical skill to meet the expectations of a highly educated audience. Our objective is therefore to ensure that our students realize the meaning of team work, grasp the complex world of digital technology while addressing the global audiences of the 21st century!

Digital Cinema: It is common knowledge today in the film industry that the Prasad Studios and Laboratories along with EFX have become synonymous with high quality and the latest in Digital technology. The Prasad Group has six Processing labs, Shooting floors, Outdoor equipment services, several Sound Recording theatres with Dolby Digital and DTS systems and the latest in Digital Intermediate facilities. All this is spread over the six main Film Production centers of India. It will be our endeavour to ensure that each student gets to learn and practice on all our Digital facilities so that they can go out and contribute into the Film and TV industry with utmost confidence. What is going to be significant is the fact that the students here will be learning in a busy and working environment. They will have access to interact, in a structured manner, with the top film technicians and creative artistes who visit our Shooting floors, Recording Studios and the Laboratory on a daily basis. This will inspire the students while also allowing them to show their own works and discuss ways of making them better. What better opportunity can a Film and TV student have?