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08 May 2011

Turku University of Applied Sciences - Arts Academy

Cultural education in Turku has a long history. The Turku School of Fine Arts was established in 1830, the Turku Conservatoire in 1962 and the Turku School of Arts and Communication in 1991. The traditions of these educational institutions are preserved within the walls of Turku Arts Academy. The academy offers degree program in film and media, fine arts, journalism, music and performing arts.

Film Art
In the specialisation of film art much emphasis is put on gaining general knowledge about film as an artform. In their studies students can specialise either in script writing, directing, cinematography, sound designing, editing or on combinations of these. They receive basic knowledge of the various sub-areas of film and TV production and will produce both fictional and documentary films. The equipment is up-to-date and meets the professional standards in the field.

During the four years training period students learn to know the whole production process of animated film from traditional puppet animation to drawing animation. They also gain firm knowledge of basic animation techniques and are able to use latest digital technique and software in animation.

The practical film making is in the centre of studies; students produce one drawing animation film and one puppet animation before the final project. During production periods they learn to use all skills needed starting from own script and ending up till post production work.