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18 Sep 2014

JSLN Dance Company

JSLN Dance Company was founded in October 2012 in Berlin, Germany.

It started with now Artistic Director Soren Niewelt getting a chance to choreograph a piece for the Studio Performance at the Marameo Studio in Berlin.This is a platform for young choreographers to present their work.

Jessica Larbig at this point, was training at Marameo and hence was in touch with a lot of unemployed, freshly graduated or in-between-jobs dancers. These were the dancers who formed the core group of JSLN Dance Company in the early days.

In early 2013, Mr. Niewelt and Miss Jessica decided to move JSLN Dance Company to Singapore. They had been working there for a couple of years and had fallen in love with the growing arts scene.

Within less than a year, the company's repertoire has grown extensively. The performance venues were as versatile as the style of dance; classical ballet, neo-classical and contemporary ballet, contemporary and modern dance in art galleries, hospitals, theatres, senior citizen homes and dance studios.

As in Berlin, Mr. Niewelt put emphasis on the educational and social outreach, as he believes, dance is for everyone and even those, unable to come to a theatre deserve to enjoy a performance, too.