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17 May 2023


Jambatan is an interdisciplinary non-profit art and culture association in Copenhagen, Denmark, founded in 2008 by visual artist, Amir Zainorin and anthropologist, Pia Poulsen. 

The Malay word Jambatan translates to ‘bridge’ in English and aims to promote interconnectivity between people through art and culture, generating new forms of collaboration and activities across nationality, culture, language and belief.

Jamabtan organises a performance art festival yearly, known as ‘Stateless Mind’. The first festival started in 2019 and revolves around the themes of migration, displacement, memories and decolonisation, focusing on the diaspora and minority community. 

Interdisciplinary audience engagement and collaborations with museums, art institutions and schools form the core of the festival, where Jambatan hopes to create a platform for artists to share their works through dialogues, archival, pedagogy, and exhibitions in Denmark and internationally.