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17 Feb 2012

Denmark | Junge Hunde Festival | call for artists


The Junge Hunde Festival 2012 in Aarhus, Denmark has the theme InterDisciplinary Performing Arts. International call for artists.

We now call for applications from a wide spectrum such as: dance, modern opera, installations, performing arts, performance lectures, video art – all with an interdisciplinary/cross over-focus.

The show has to be international, and if you are applying with a language based performance – you should prepare an international version. It is possible to apply for a small economic production support, either for new production, making of international version or other kinds of re-premiering.

The Junge Hunde ID Festival is a network meeting with master classes, workshops, discussions, process analyses etc. Therefore it is a demand that the participants are willing and have the possibility to stay at the festival for minimum 5 days, and all the performances will be presented twice at the festival.

Fill out the application form here.

All applications must contain:

• Description of the project (1 page).
• CV on all artistic crew (1 page per persons).
• Budget/financial plan.
• Video material from the relevant project or/and earlier productions.

Junge Hunde covers travel and accommodation as well as a small per diem for all participants.

For more information please contact hannah(at)bora-bora.dk

Deadline for applications: February 17th 2012.

Read the call for artists here.

This opportunity came via On-the-Move (Thanks!)