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15 Sep 2011

Denmark-Vietnam Cultural Development and Exchange Fund


The Cultural Development and Exchange Fund (CDEF) provides support to contemporary artists and cultural performances in Vietnam and to cultural exchange activities between Denmark and Vietnam.

Support may be given to projects that have the objective of:

  • Presenting Danish culture in Vietnam for the purpose of enhancing and inspiring Vietnam’s arts and culture through  development of partnerships between Danish and Vietnamese artists, and to stimulate mutual inspiration and exchange of experiences between artists from both countries.

  • Presenting Vietnamese culture to the Danish public for inspiration, enrichment and understanding and enhancing  dialogue and tolerance through performance by Vietnamese artists in Denmark alone or with Danish participation.

  • Presenting events and festivals in Vietnam with an art development perspective by Vietnamese artists alone or with Danish participation.

Eligible applicants
Danish as well as Vietnamese individuals or organisations may apply for support to projects. In cases where an individual or a group of individuals seek support, a CV along with relevant documents or material (for instance, copy of reviews, educational certificates, recording of previous productions on CD, DVD etc.) must be enclosed.

Closing dates for applications
It is possible to apply for support from CDEF two or three times a year and the deadline for 2011 will be:

  • 15th September

Download guidelines to application form

Download application form

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi

Image: Danish Arts