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16 May 2011

International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM)

IETM is a membership organisation which exists to stimulate the quality, development and contexts of contemporary performing arts in a global environment. It aims at proving the value of the performing arts in society by initiating and facilitating professional networking and communication, the dynamic exchange of information, know-how transfer and presentations of examples of good practice.

IETM's ambitions:

  • to empower arts professionals with skills, competencies and know-how that help them to:

  • adapt to (and take advantage of) changes in their social and political context due to globalisation, demographic change, and digital revolution,

  • overcome reducing public funding and cultural participation;

  • to produce long term results which will go beyond the sole interest of IETM’s members and other direct participants, to leave a long-term legacy on the cultural landscape in Europe and beyond;

  • to strengthen the impact of the network and ensure its continuous renewal.

IETM's Basic Principles
Connecting, Learning, Engaging, Communicating, Sharing.

IETM acts as an ongoing real and virtual meeting place for dynamic performing arts professionals: those who are open and curious, willing to be generous, to engage in a network of mutual support, to connect with colleagues strengthening cross-border collaboration and exchange of the contemporary performing arts.
Networking in IETM is not a goal in itself, it is a means to reach a higher goal: to affirm the crucial role of arts in our societies and thus ensure that the contemporary performing arts flourish.

Through various meetings and communications each year, members have opportunities to meet and engage with each other and with the various activities of the network. Within IETM, members create and use a personal, professional network of colleagues with similar concerns. They may use their network

  • For mutual inspiration, advice and support

  • To co-produce or act as a partner in exchange projects

  • To take part in a wide debate on and act for the future of arts in society

Awareness of the sector
Interaction between members and the Secretariat may result in the development of activities or discussion topics for the whole network. The Secretariat also brings attention to emerging trends/questions/interests amongst the membership, in the wider world of the contemporary performing arts or in our societies. IETM’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board each have special roles regarding the overall direction of the network.


  • IETM brings together performing arts professionals several times per year in a diverse series of meetings, conferences, seminars, training courses, skills exchanges and site visits, throughout Europe and the world.

  • IETM represents and acts for the interests of its members and the performing arts sector, by being an interface between policy makers and professionals in the cultural field.

  • IETM provides a platform for debate and action on the relevance and future of arts in our societies

  • IETM organises both structured and informal opportunities to present project  and seek partners and other input.

  • IETM organises performance platforms of new, interesting work from the ‘host’ country of our meetings to accompany our seminar programmes.

  • IETM provides guidance (mentoring) and information from a truly international and multilateral perspective, on international cultural collaboration and exchange, professional mobility and intercultural professional competences.

  • IETM provides news, info, links, databases and documentation and produces two newsletters making national information more internationally accessible.

  • IETM commissions short, timely publications and research addressing emerging trends, collecting and analysing case studies, providing specialist directories, identifying policy or social tendencies affecting the sector.

  • IETM actively promotes and catalyses concrete producing consortia, new networks, multilateral artists exchanges, co-productions and tours.

IETM's Three Year Plan (2014 - 2017) focusing on:

  • Engagement in multilateral alliances with other organisations, sectors and networks

  • Development of five program lines (Sustainable Models, Measurable Impact, Life Arts in Digital Times, Worldwide Connections, Professional Capacities) to augment knowledge and expertise, to realize new strategies and to test results

  • The use of digital technologies and the development of audiences will be part of each program line, as is the professional development of the participants

  • A newly built Digital Platform will function as the online continuation of the live meetings and help to monitor the project, share research, reports and evaluations.

IETM membership is open to any professional organisation as long as they deal with contemporary performing arts and are interested in international cooperation. The members are organisations with many years experience of working internationally, as well as those who wish to start.