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28 Nov 2016

Interart Triade Foundation

Interart Triade Foundation, active in the field of art for over 15 years is situated on the Martirilor Way, the location, usually called the JECZA HOUSE, is well known by people of Timişoara. This is where the late sculptor Peter Jecza, a figure on the Romanian art stage, used to live. The house maintains a bohemic and cultivated atmosphere, with hundreds of art works, together with signs of a gentle intimacy. Everywhere where you walk you find places that feel as if they belong to you. Everything around surrounds you in a story that absorbs you with its familiarity and novelty in the same time. A one of a kind experience. A moment spent in a museum inside which the life pulsates. A museum that becomes for an instance your own home.

Jecza House has become for many years now a public space, hosting, initially, only the Triade Foundation, but later being joined by the Jecza Gallery, a venue for contemporary art. While Jecza Gallery, having Andrei Jecza as manager, focuses on contemporary art, the foundation runned by Sorina Jecza, constantly continues the programme started 15 years ago, that of sustaining and promoting the local culture, retrospective projects that recovers and brings forward the avant-garde of the 60s-70s, and also prospective projects, opened to the newer generations of artists.

Complex events, joining various kind of artistic expression, attract a cultivated public of art-knowers, artists or students. Among these events, the most stable one is addressed to sculpture and has as an almost utopian result, namely the aesthetic reshaping of the city by populating it with monuments.

Since 2015, Interart Triade Foundation is co-organizer of the biennale Art Encounters.

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