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01 Nov 2018

Luxembourg - Differdange international Sculpture Symposium - open call


The 7th international Sculpture Symposium is organised in Differdange (Luxembourg) from 22 May - 2 June 2019. Applications are invited from artists working in wood, with proposals for works to be created on site during the symposium. Six artists will be selected - the theme is "Emotions" and the chosen material is wood. Every sculptor selected will receive 2 000 euros (two thousand euros) at the end of the symposium - accommodation and food is covered by the organisers.

The event has four objectives:

 Acquaintance of the Luxembourg’s spectators with the tendencies of modern world sculpture

 Popularization of art and sculpture

 Promote the participating artists

 Produce unique artworks that will become part of the cultural heritage of the City of Differdange

The number of sculptors for this meeting is limited to 6. The artists work in open-air workspace, protected and lit by the organizer. The artists will sculpt during 10 days and the material will be wood provided by the promoter. The setting up of the material will be assured by the promoter. Every sculptor will have at their disposition the materials and facilities asked (electricity, compressed air and water) in agreement with the organization. The sculptors must use their own tools for sculpture and finishing. The symposium will take place regardless of the meteorological conditions.

The theme of this edition is “Emotions”. The chosen material of the 7th edition is wood. The maximal authorized height is 170 cm and the minimal 120 cm.

Please read carefully the application guidelines in English (or French)

Deadline for applications: 1 November 2018