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21 Nov 2018

Institute of Art History

Institut za povijest umjetnosti / Institute of Art History engages in research in the following aspects of arts history, such as:  Medieval Art; Built Heritage 16th – 19th c.; Painting, Sculpture and Crafts 16th – 19th c.; Built Heritage 19th – 20th c.; Modern and Contemporary art; Informational, Communicational and Theoretical Aspects of Art History; and Art Topography of Croatia. 

The institute’s specialized library fund and other documentation funds (photo archives, plans library, archival collections and legacies, newspaper and press cuttings archives and media library) constitute valuable research resources in the field of art history, architecture, urbanism, monument protection and other related disciplines. 

The Journal of the Institute of Art History is an annual journal publishing original scholarly article that contains new insights, theories, and interpretations from the fields of art history and visual culture. Besides articles dealing with art history in Croatia and its broader context, the journal welcomes contributions on topics regarding the Central-European and European cultural space. 

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