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26 Apr 2011

National Film Archive

The National Film Archive’s function is collection, preservation, scientific processing and using of audiovisual archival materials which document national film production, genesis and development of film art, life of the Czech nation and important world events. It was founded by the Czech-Moravian Film Centre in 1943 to protect film materials against war operations.

The National Film Archive offers:

  • a possibility to use Czech (Czechoslovak) films and film materials, published till 31. 12. 1964 and materials of contemporary documentation including professional co-operation e.g. for searching of celebrities, theme researches etc.

  • special fund of Czech and foreign films for screening of film clubs and civil associations engaged in film

  • possibility of voluntary deposit of existing or newly created film works, cost free storing of duplicating and securing film materials in permanent archive care

  • access to collections within school and education screening, eventually other study and scientific activities

  • expert consultancies, eventually professional co-operation in Czech and foreign projects from the sphere preservation, processing, cataloguing process, research, film theory and history and film archival materials

  • NFA specialized publications: repertory catalogues Český hraný film I - V, Filmová ročenka, monthly Filmový přehled, quarterly on film theory, history and aesthetics Iluminace, publication in Library Iluminace edition and others

  • Own editing activities of NFA in the audiovision sphere

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