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28 Jan 2015

Beijing Moving House

The Beijing Moving House is a place for training, research and new works in performance. Providing accommodation, ample studio spaces and a wide China network, as a residency the house is a crossways for Chinese and international theatre and dance companies, dramaturges, actors, directors, choreographers, producers, composers, musicians, writers, designers and pedagogues, fostering lasting relationships.

Residency is particularly relevant for those wishing to devise, hold workshops, rehearse or conduct research in dance, physical theatre or Chinese performance styles. Companies or individuals for whom movement and gesture are at the basis of their work will be firstly considered.

Residency varies from 6 weeks to 3 months. If the proposed residency is part of an ongoing project, artists can also apply for shorter term. Individual artists may stay for up to 6 months. The house reviews applications through the application procedures of its respective partnership organisations, or through recommendations. They also consider applications from artists and institutions with access to their own funding, and collaborate with arts organisations both in China and Internationally.