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28 Nov 2016

Australia Council professional arts placements in China

getfileAustralia Council is offering two professional arts placement opportunities for arts mediators from Australia, in partnership with dedicated performing arts organisations, in Shanghai, China. These placements are intended as opportunities to build international expertise, international inter-cultural capability, foster industry relationships, and develop an understanding of the Chinese arts market.

Expressions of Interest (EOIs) are now open for arts managers, producers, and marketing and communications professionals in Australia to apply for a Professional Arts Placement at the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre and the Shanghai International Dance Centre in 2017.

Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre (SDAC)

Location: Shanghai, China

Role: Arts Management, Marketing and Communications

Length of placement: 6 weeks

Dates: 1 May – 9 June 2017

Grant amount: $7,000

Closing date: 28 November 2016

Notification: Late January 2017

Dedicated to artistic development and outlook, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre is one of the most active performing arts institutions in China and the only national theatre company in Shanghai. It was established in 1995 with the merging of the Shanghai People’s Arts Centre Troupe and Shanghai Youth Drama Troupe – both founded in the 1950s in the early years of the People’s Republic, playing an important role in the development of the dramatic arts nationally.

Desirable criteria for the role includes:

Arts administration experience, particularly in marketing and communications in an organisations and/or performing arts context;
Performing arts experience, particularly in physical theatre, text based theatre, and musical theatre, and;
Basic Chinese language skills, which are desirable, but not critical, as the arts manager will be working predominately in English.

Split Works

Location: Shanghai,China

Artform: Arts and Music Management, Festival Coordinator

Length of placement: 4 months

Dates: 10 July – 30 September 2017

Grant amount: $12,000

Notification: Late January 2017

Founded by Archie Hamilton and Nathaniel Davis, Split Works began as a music promotion company, with the aim of introducing new and exciting international music to China and supporting the local music scene in the process. Split Works has since grown to become part of a group of music and entertainment service companies, which sit under the umbrella of Split United, a company that aims to create a more sustainable ecosystem for music in China.

Desirable criteria for the role includes:

Experience in project management, particularly in a festival context;
Marketing and communications experience;
Exceptional written skills, across a range of mediums, particularly in the digital space;
Experience working and/or living in China;
A background in or passion for music, as evidenced by previous roles and projects;
Basic Chinese language skills, which are desirable, but not critical, as the arts manager will be working predominately in English.

See website for full details. Check eligibility criteria here.

Deadline for applications: 28 November 2016

Image credit: Miyavi, Concrete & Grass 2016. Photo courtesy of Split Works

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