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04 Jul 2011

Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, established by Government Ordinance in 1984, is a leading tertiary institution in performing arts in Asia. It provides professional undergraduate education and practice-based postgraduate studies in Dance, Drama, Film and Television, Music, Theatre and Entertainment Arts, and Chinese Traditional Theatre. Its education philosophy reflects the cultural diversity of Hong Kong with emphasis on Chinese and Western traditions, and interdisciplinary learning.

The Academy has the following Schools/discipline:
- School of Dance
- School of Drama
- School of Film and Television
- School of Music
- School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts
- Chinese Traditional Theatre

Academic programmes are offered by each of the five Schools from post-secondary Diploma level up to Bachelor Honours Degree level. The Academy was granted degree awarding status in 1992 following an accreditation by the Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation. The Degree programmes of the Academy are externally validated by that Council.

The heart of training for the performing arts is performance itself, and the Academy is one of Hong Kong's most important performance centres. Student opera, drama, dance productions, concerts and recitals are given throughout the year and are open to the public. In addition, the Academy plays host to visiting musicians, dance and drama companies, local and international.

The Academy in its fine site on the Wanchai waterfront, houses a complex of performance venues which are considered to be amongst the best in the world for their design and up-to-date equipment. The performance venues of the Academy are managed by a Venues Division which provides in-house technical, customer services and box office support for the Academy's own productions as well as for external hirers such as professional companies. Academy student performances are open to the public.

The campus site was provided by the Hong Kong Government, which meets the annual capital and recurrent costs of the Academy. At the inception of the institution, the Hong Kong Jockey Club donated HK$300 million to cover the construction costs of the buildings which opened in 1985.

Vision to be:
- an internationally recognised institution of excellence in the provision of training and education in all fields of the performing arts, the related technical arts, and film and television;
- an institution dedicated to the encouragement of talent, creativity, knowledge and skills in the conservation and development of the best traditions in the performing arts, the related technical arts and film and television as well as innovation of ideas and appropriate use of technology for future advancements in these fields.

The Academy is an exciting, successful and above all else purposeful institution. Its outstanding staff provide the highest quality education and training. The extremely talented students, who emerge from the end of their studies, are creative and responsive individuals, prepared for the challenges of a professional career.

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