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01 Jul 2011

KAD Performing Arts Centre

The KAD Performing Arts School provides practical training at the professional level in drama , music, dance, singing, design, theatre technical arts and entertainment management. The school is also establishing exchange programmes with internationally recognised educational institutions abroad, which will open the door to mutual exchanges and accreditation at the certificate, diploma, and degree levels.

It's production types include:

  1. Imported full-scale productions from abroad, performed in the original language, with appropriate translation techniques for Thai audiences.
  2. Adapted and/or translated versions of copyrighted international productions. This will lead to Joint bilateral theatre projects and on international touring scheme.
  3. Original productions produced and performed by Thai artists, aiming toward exchanges with artists from abroad.

The KAD Performing Arts School has an art library and exhibition hall. It is also affiliated to several international education and production institutions.