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05 Jul 2011

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art (Gyeonggi MoMA), an arts and cultural institution for 13 million residents in Gyeonggi Province, opened in 2006. Gyeonggi MoMA, established by the Gyeonggi provincial government and administered by the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, has become a leading museum in the metropolitan area, while communicating with visitors through collection, preservation and research of contemporary artworks to be assets for the future of Gyeonggi-do as well as exhibitions and educational activities. 

Among Gyeonggi MoMA’s core projects are “Gyeonggi Art Project” featuring diverse political, social or cultural themes in relation to Gyeonggi-do and “Site of Contemporary Art” devised to experiment with the forms and contents of contemporary art and to expand the global network. The exhibitions “Focus on Gyeonggi-based Artists” and “Young Artists Project” are aimed at supporting and fostering talented artists. Besides, through its “Permanent Educational Exhibition,” Gyeonggi MoMA intends to perform its role as a platform for communication and education. 

The museum will continue to make efforts to be recognised as a global museum in the global contemporary art scene beyond the local community with a focus on the diversity of contemporary art, based on Gyeonggi MoMA’s experience and know-how. In addition, they will be dedicated to the mission to become a pioneering cultural institution, connecting art to life, the community to the world and art to outside of art and providing views and interpretations that transcend the boundaries, thereby better understanding today’s increasingly diverse and complex society. Furthermore, Gyeonggi MoMA will keep striving to be a museum that embraces a wide range of members of society and helps enrich lives with art and culture.