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22 Aug 2016 - 31 Aug 2016

Amsterdam - Maastricht Summer University 2016

amsu2016 The Amsterdam - Maastricht Summer University offers various short courses in 2016 including sessions on cultural and artistic responses to changing political realities in Europe and sustainability of project-based cultural initiatives. The AMSU courses and the tone are fiercely 21st century. We offer today's professionals innovative training experiences providing the knowledge and skills development they need to face the complexity of the modern globalized world. We do not just examine the tried and tested formulas of the past, but we play a role in conceiving answers to the contemporary and future global challenges. Since 1990 the AMSU collaborates with a rich array of institutional partners, from museums to media centres, from science foundations to businesses and many other organisations in order to provide top educational experiences in may different disciplines. Amsterdam, August 22th to August 25th 2016 A three day meeting on designing potential arts projects and the role of cultural interventions to encourage citizens, civic initiatives and building bridges in times of growing populism and community polarisation. A course of seminars, discussions, workshops and performance led by Simon Mundy and Steve Austen. This programme refuels the ability of participants to respond to the political and social threats facing communities by discussing practical ways of working to change minds and attitudes. It will identify topics that bedevil contemporary societies and suggests ways in which they can be addressed through innovative lines of argument and cultural activity. Amsterdam,  August 28 to August 31 This course offers an introduction and a systematic managerial approach based on tested models and practices from business, sociology,, political science as well as history. This course is unique in providing the participants with a toolkit to improve their daily work and start a different way of looking at the sustainability of their project or organization.