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10 Mar 2011

Gmm Tai Hub Company Limited (GTH)

Gmm Tai Hub Co., Ltd. (GTH) is a fully integrated Thai film studio committed to producing, marketing and distributing commercially successful films that engage and entertain Thai audiences with thought-provoking, locally relevant stories produced to the highest international standards.Launched in May of 2004, GTH is a fully independent joint venture from three of Thailands most renowned and innovative media companies: GMM Grammy, Tai Entertainment and Hub Ho Hin, Bangkok. Between them, they bring together an unprecedented combination of media reach, marketing expertise and production excellence that have already set new records at the box office both in Thailand and in greater Asia. Their first collaboration as independents, "My Girl", was the top grossing Thai film of 2003, paving the way for a merger which is already bearing fruit the studios debut effort. "Shutter", was Thailands top grossing film of 2004 and has drawn audiences and acclaim from around the region.

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