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24 May 2011

Romanian Film Promotion

Romanian Film Promotion is one of the most important entities in the Romanian cinematography and film promotion sector.

Romanian Film Promotion was established in 2001 as the Association Film XXI in order to support young film makers and film professionals, the distribution and promotion of the European values but also the formation of a new generation of viewers for the 21st century cinema.

The most known events organized by Romanian Film Promotion are:

  • Transylvania International Film Festival;

  • Gopo Awards;

  • TIFF Caravan/Operation Kino;

  • White Nights of Romanian Films;

  • EducaTIFF- media and cinema educational programme for children and youngsters.EFP is the only European network of this kind, which promotes European cinema – as well as the talent behind it – all over the world. It was established in 1997 and presently has 32 representative organizations for 32 countries.

In 2006, Romanian Film Promotion became a member with full rights of the European Film Promotion (EFP) network. This new status, obtained by being affiliated to the European EFP allows the Romanian Film Promotion to take part in the promotion programs and actions organized by the European Film Promotion.

Among the associated programs of the European Film Promotion to which the Romanian Film Promotion has taken part so far, they mention the following:

  1. Producers on the move

  2. Shooting Stars

  3. Variety Ten European Filmmakers to Watch

  4. Busan Promotion Plan