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29 May 2011

B-Est Iff

The Ministry of Culture is the government department whose job is to pursue a global and coordinated policy in the area of Culture and related fields.  It has, as its mission, to improve the conditions of access for citizens to Culture and, at the same time, to uphold and safeguard cultural heritage, encouraging new modalities for its knowledge and fruition.

The role of the Ministry of Culture entails it being particularly accountable for the major infrastructures that are indispensable for developing a coherent, consistent and effective cultural policy, without prejudice to its commitment to enhance the diversity of cultural initiatives undertaken within civil society and, likewise, to stimulate forms of cooperation not only with the local and regional authorities but also with private agents and with citizens in general.

BucharEST International Film Festival promotes independent film productions, especially productions with a low budget. The Festival also focuses on films that were screened during the most important European and International Film Festivals, such as Cannes, Venice, Berlinale etc. The aim of Bucharest International Film (B-EST IFF) is to support the true values of the Seventh Art. The event addresses itself to a very large audience, which belongs not only to Bucharest, a new European metropole but, by its construction, to all the cinema makers and cinema lovers from all over the world.

BucharEST International Film Festival is a competitive feature film festival which continues to manifest itself as a groundbreaking event every spring. From the very beginning, the organizers purpose has been to present young film makers and to broaden the forum for the innovating quality of the films presented on the Romanian screens. B-EST IFF loves to discover young talents, new film directors at the beginning of their careers, highly talented, directors who already made themselves a name in their own country and abroad, troughout international film festivals, young cinema authors who deserve the attention of the very demanding Romanian public, whose films will probably not arrive on our screens; they all are invited to be a part of this event.

B-EST IFF, by its structure, is an event dedicated to peace, tolerance and culture.