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23 May 2015

Ethnographic Museum of Geneva (MEG), Switzerland

Ethnographic Museum of Geneva - inside Ethnographic Museum of Geneva - outside The Ethnographic Museum of Geneva (MEG) was founded in 1901 by the anthropologist Eugène Pittard. It preserves some 80,000 items from the five continents. Its original collections come from various previous museums like the Archaeology Museum of Geneva and the Museum of the Missions. The Asia collection was especially developed under the mandate of director Marguerite Lobsiger-Dellenbach and curator Jean Eracle. Permanent collections: Areas covered by the Ethnographic Museum of Geneva's Asian collections go from Palestine to Borneo. The main sections are the Samurai civilisation and Buddhism (including Tibetan thangka, Japanese ofuda from André Leroi-Gourhan's collection, Indian sculptures and textiles, Chinese costumes, Indonesian artefacts and textiles).

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