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17 Feb 2016

Ekalokam Trust for Photography

EtP (Ekalokam Trust for Photography) is an artist run, registered, not-for profit organization based in Tamil Nadu, India. The visionary behind EtP is noted contemporary Indian photographer Abul Kalam Azad. EtP has been informally working in Tiruvannamalai since mid 2012 and was legally formed in the year August 2013 by Abul Kalam Azad, Kulanthaivel - an art enthusiast, and Tulsi Swarna Lakshmi - a development activist who has a decade of not-for-profit management experience in India and abroad. The main purpose of EtP is to protect and promote contemporary photography and connected art forms. EtP’s area of operation spreads across the ‘ancient tri-Sangam’ period Tamilakam territory, now meagerly represented in a geography comprising modern Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and parts of Andhra Pradesh.   Objectives Inculcate the interest of the rural and the surrounding urban south Indian audience in contemporary photo-art and artists, its aesthetics and practices Rejuvenate traditional analogue photography medium Collectively create and preserve photographic visuals of the fast vanishing culture and lifestyle of contemporary South India Archive the life and work of contemporary photographers Establish rural spaces for contemporary photo-art