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03 Jul 2011


EDUCULT is an institute focusing on artistic and science education and offers services like events organisation, consultancy, programming and research to public institutions and private enterprises. EDUCULT aims to connect Culture and Education through projects in the  following fields: Arts and Cultural Education, Cultural Policy und Educational Policy, Intercultural Dialogue, Science Education and Audience Development.


  • Mediation: bringing representatives of both culture and education together.

  • Interconnection: linking culture and business, culture and society, culture and urban development, culture and school, culture and health, culture and media …

  • Networking: being part of an international network of more than 7,000 institutions and their staff.

  • Sustainability: developing projects that generate visible and long-term effects.

  • Critical approach: tackling controversial cultural policy issues.

  • Economic competence: having a responsible and efficient approach to dealing with resources.

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