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16 Aug 2016

Kazakh Research Institute of Culture

The Kazakh Research Institute of Culture (KazRIC), established in 1934, was one of the first scientific institutions in Kazakhstan. Originally, it united several scientific and educational organisations: the Kazakh Central Archive, the Regional Museum, the Regional Bureau and the State Library. Its mission is an intense systematic analysis of culture and art in accordance with the concept cultural policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and integration into world culture and effective international cooperation.

The Institute organised the first academic research into the history, archeology, literature, folklore, linguistic ties of the Turkic people, fine art, music, theater, and choreography of Kazakhstan. This marked the beginning of the development of a number of the largest Kazakhstani research organisations based on KazRIC and these organisations remain the foundation of academic science to this day. Among them are the Institute of Literature and Art named after M. Auezov and the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Sh. Ualikhanov and others. 

The institute is one of the leading scientific organisations of the country. The main profile is fundamental and applied scientific research on the culture and art of Kazakhstan and its closest territories. Among the scientific staff of the Institute are leading scientists and experts in humanitarian knowledge, film directors and screenwriters, designers, and creators. Their various activities in the promotion of cultural heritage and intercultural dialogue are honored by state and public awards, prizes, and diplomas of art competitions and cinema festivals.