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09 Mar 2016

E-connector on digital arts and humanities in Asia and Europe launched!


ASEF culture360 is proud to announce the publication of the E-connector on digital arts and humanities, the second in a series of online resources on the culture and creative industries, digitisation of arts and humanities and cultural mobility in Asia and Europe. This project was commissioned by ASEF culture360 and researched by On the Move with the contribution of the Luxembourg Agency for Cultural Affairs and Planting Rice.

The main goals of the E-connector are to:

  • Provide a clear snapshot of existing resources related to cultural and creative industries,digitalisation of arts and humanities and cultural mobility without duplicating existing initiatives

  • Show the diversity of initiatives from networks to projects, magazines and platforms. The E-connector reflects the industry in Asia and Europe and highlights any imbalances and gaps in access to knowledge

  • Identify key resources that facilitate access to information within the art and cultural sector, and to facilitate information monitoring for the content managers of websites, newsletters and social networks

  • Inspire artists, creators and other cultural stakeholders by sharing resources and free information through platforms and tools that encourage capacity building projects, for instance, to nurture creative entrepreneurship.

This second published directory will focus on digital arts and humanities platforms. In the following months, ASEF culture360 will publish and in-depth article and glossary on cultural mobility, the third and last E-connector in this series.

Detailed introduction on E-connector:

Why E-connector?

Download both E-connector here:

E-connector digital arts and humanities

E-connector-Creative Industries