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09 Feb 2015

ASEMUS Members Supported under ASEF Creative Networks

ASEF Creative Networks 2015 A project entitled 'Curating Batik', involving two ASEMUS member museums, has been selected for support in 2015, in the context of the second edition of the ASEF Creative Networks scheme. The project involves the Weltmuseum Wien, Austria; and Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures, Czech Republic, both of which are ASEMUS members, as well as Museum Tekstil Jakarta, Indonesia. Curating Batik will involve a series of workshops to develop marketing and brand strategies on batik collections between museum experts. The project aims to deepen the analysis of Batik collections of the Weltmuseum Wien and the Náprstek museum and to exchange marketing and branding strategies between Weltmuseum Wien and Museum Teksil Jakarta. The research and workshop is an important part of the preparation for their upcoming exhibition on batik which will open in 2017. The ASEF Creative Networks scheme supports collaborative projects that favour the building of cultural/artistic networks in Asia and Europe. Through this programme ASEF seeks to strengthen its role as a connector between cultural networks in Asia and Europe. Other projects supported under the 2015 edition of the programme will lead to a mapping of online cultural platforms and a conference on cultural mobility; a network of cultural and creative hubs; a network of mobility funders; a film co-production training laboratory; and a capacity-building workshop to help enhance the leadership and effectiveness of international culture networks. For additional information, visit