News & events > culture360 at the inaugural meeting of the Asia‐Australia‐Europe Creative Residency Network | Australia
09 May 2014 - 12 May 2014

culture360 at the inaugural meeting of the Asia‐Australia‐Europe Creative Residency Network | Australia

Melbourne joint logo       [caption id="attachment_41929" align="aligncenter" width="620"]ResArtis-combined Participants and speakers of the Inaugural Meeting of the Asia-Australia-Europe Creative Residency Network[/caption]   The inaugural meeting of the Asia‐Australia‐Europe Creative Residency Network is supported by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) as one of the 3 projects selected this year through ASEF Creative Networks programme. The event began on 9 May with a meeting on "Mapping and Assessment" that will continue the development of Res Artis’ assessment protocols for the art sector.
What is already known of mapping residencies, and by whom in Australia, Asia and Europe? What is the best way of mapping arts residencies and the value? The discussions will look at cultural factors in Asia, Europe and Australia to consider in evaluating the success of an arts residency programme.
The second meeting organised by the European network On-The-Move and Res Artis took place on 12 May. Funders and stakeholders from Europe, Asia and Australia were invited to brainstorm on the issue of access and reciprocity in relation to cultural mobility Funding models for mobility today face a lot of challenges - old and new. Some funding bodies connect diverse regions of the world, while others have a regional focus. Despite the current models - access to local, national and international stakeholders and culturally sensitive expertise is crucial. This brainstorming meeting between key mobility funders and stakeholders  addressed questions such as what issues do funding bodies face when supporting mobility and how new partnerships are required to adapt current funding models to address established needs. This meeting is also a continuation of the discussions started in 2013 in Prague with the meeting of over 50 Asian and European cultural mobility funders and other stakeholders (co-organised with the support of the Asia-Europe Creative Encounters programme). ASEF’s project manager Valentina Riccardi participated in the sessions and presented ASEF’s role as a funder of cultural mobility namely through the Asia-Europe Creative Encounters and ASEF Creative Networks programmes. She also announced the upcoming 3rd Edition of the Funding opportunities for international cultural exchange in Asia to be published in August on   Overview_Asia_Australia_Europe mobility program_May 2014_FNL   For more information: