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01 Sep 2015

The Drama School, Mumbai

The Drama School, Mumbai was created to forge a new generation of theatre makers; individuals who see themselves as actor-creator-entrepreneurs, who will go on in their careers to perform, create and produce work to a new standard of storytelling, and to promote the awareness of theatre and its processes to a wider audience interested in exploring and understanding the medium for themselves.

Our different curriculum and course formats, from the full-time One Year Certificate Course, to the shorter specialist engagements such as the 4 week long Indian Theatre Programme, Masterclasses and part-time evening course modules has emerged out of a desire by a large number of practicing theatre artists/teachers to create a new standard of teaching. Training that is rigorous, focused and that demands a high level of commitment from both the teacher and the pupil.

Everything we attempt at The Drama School, Mumbai, is put together by a regular faculty who bring the best practices in teaching that they themselves experienced during their own training, which they now use to create our course structures, and a large network of theatre facilitators and professional practitioners from across the country.

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