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16 Nov 2014

Learning Museum: Publication of Training Manual

Learning Museum Denmark Learning Museum is a nationwide multidisciplinary collaboration project involving 26 Danish museums (art, cultural and natural history) along with 13 colleges of education. Between 2011 and 2013, the project provided a large group of pre-service teachers with unique opportunities to participate in training courses, academic internships and bachelor’s thesis preparation work in collaboration with the country’s museums. The goal of the project was to encourage and develop future primary school teachers' use of museums as learning spaces, while further professionalising and strengthening museums' teaching of primary school pupils. Ultimately this should also allow primary school pupils to bemefit from the many opportunities offered by art and cultural history institutions. As a result of the project, a training manual entitled Learning Museum Practice Manual. Collaborative Partnerships between Museums, Teacher Training Colleges and Schools has recently been published. The manual aims to inspire and guide teachers at museums, teacher training colleges and schools as well as others who work within teaching and/or the museum educational field in general. Several other materials produced in the context of the project are available in English and Danish on the project's website. Among them is this informative booklet containing several case studies which serve to illustrate the project's main topics. Learning Museum was coordinated by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, and funded by the Danish Agency for Culture. For additional information visit