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08 Jun 2020

Fuoricentro Danza

Fuoricentro Danza was founded in Lucca (Italy) in 1997, as a training, production and popularisation center for the performing arts. It is the first cultural centre in Lucca open to different expressions of art (in particular dance, music and theater). It is a place where it is possible to exchange and experiment ideas, it is a starting point and development aimed at a personal training course, and it is a school of artistic and professional deepening and improvement.

Fuoricentro's philosophy is based on the belief that knowledge of the arts and artistic expression in general are a fundamental element for the growth, development and education of the person and therefore for the improvement of society. As a cultural space open to the public, Fuoricentro offers an educational programme for adults, children and children, and organises various events in the field of dance and contemporary theater and performative art.