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14 Apr 2023

Creative Industries in India mapping

The report “Creative Industries in India Mapping Study” provides an overview of the creative industries in India, with particular attention given to the growth areas of the screen and game sectors as well as design for sustainability.

The UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) India commissioned the report, which is part of a scoping exercise led by AHRC and Innovate UK and commissioned to Loughborough University, in collaboration with the Universities of Glasgow and Jindal. 

As the report explains India is a large and dynamic country with a young, growing and increasingly educated population. Existing industrial, educational and cultural links mean there is a considerable appetite for research and innovation collaboration in the creative industries.

According to the report, two significant innovation areas stand out: 

  • The application of technologies in screen and games sectors, which is driving growth across a cross-section of sub-sectors; 
  • The development of a design-led socially and environmentally sustainable approach to crafts and textile production which underpins, among other sub-sectors, the fashion industry in India and across much of the globe. 

The research shows that: 

  • Several creative industries sub-sectors generate significant revenues for the Indian economy, notably IT, publishing, advertising and film
  • The crafts sector provides employment across the country, and sits alongside agriculture as the mainstay of revenue generation and employment for many communities 
  • Telegu cinema is hot on the tail of Bollywood and it produced some of the highest grossing Indian films worldwide 
  • Other sectors are held in high regard on account of their links to regional identities and cultural heritage, for example India has a very strong festivals sector
  • India is the world’s textile factory, driving production that serves the global fashion industry, both traditional embroidery and weaving, and technical textiles
  • India is also home to international IT hubs, which are now developing as important centres for sub-sectors such as animation, visual effects and games

Read the Creative Industries in India Mapping Study 

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