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02 Mar 2017

Design Pataka | overview report on Indian design sector from DutchCulture


DutchCulture centre for international cooperation presents a guide to the design sector in India: Design Pataka! The explosion of design in India: 2010 –2016. This long read report will give culture professionals from the Netherlands insight into the Indian design sector.

It is also a guide for creative Dutch who want to reach out to their Indian counterparts for joint projects. DutchCulture is grateful to Delhi-based designer Ishan Khosla for researching, writing and compiling this comprehensive overview of Indian design.

For the passed 18 months DutchCulture has worked hard to strengthen the cultural exchange between the Netherlands and India, specifically in the fields of design, games, photography and film. The goal was to build sustainable relationships between Indian and Dutch organizations and creatives and to boost opportunities for joint projects. You will find more information about its activities in India here (in Dutch).

The authors were asked by DutchCulture and the Government of Netherlands to prepare a report on the situation of design in India between 2010 and 2016. The Design Pataka report is an update to the “Mapping India: An Insider’s Guide to Indian Architecture, Design and Fashion,” by the Dutch Design, Fashion and Architecture (DDFA) that was a detailed paper on the Indian design scene till 2010.

This report is meant to provide Dutch readers a window into the world of design in India. It provides an up-to-date analysis and informs the audience of the fast changing landscape of the design sector in the country. The researchers look at government policies and initiatives, the importance given to design by the private sector, the situation of design education, the professional scenario, international interest in Indian design; as well as trends opportunities and forums in design.

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