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08 Sep 2010

Cerveira Biennial Foundation

The Cerveira Biennial Foundation aims at promoting contemporary art at a national and an international level.

Betting on art, culture and creativity as distinctive elements, Vila Nova de Cerveira has maintained, over the years, a healthy and balanced relationship between cultural tradition and contemporary creation. This symbolic capital led to the development of a differentiating signature – Vila das Artes – which owes its origin to hosting the oldest art biennial in the country, Bienal Internacional de Arte de Cerveira. Since it was established, this Alto Minho village has been a meeting point for Portuguese and foreign artists, offering exceptional space.

In order to maintain the quality and innovation of the Cerveira International Art Biennial, it became essential to carry out a renovation, as well as attracting alternative financial resources. In this context, in 2010, the Fundação Bienal de Arte de Cerveira, F.P. was recognised as an instrument for creating adequate conditions for the professionalisation and consolidation of this cultural and creative project. The set of interventions translates into an opportunity to adapt to the changes and challenges of the future, from a perspective of solidifying the cluster of creative industries in the Northern Region, providing the development of the creative and artistic sector and the projection of an image of modernity and quality of life in the region.