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18 May 2023 - 21 May 2023

Portugal | Bienal’23 Fotografia do Porto

Join the Bienal ’23 Fotografia do Porto (Biennial of Photography of Porto) from 18 to 21 May 2023 in Porto, Portugal. Organised by Ci.CLO, the Biennial has the theme of “Acts of Empathy” and presents 70 artists and 14 curators from 27 countries.

The programme includes exhibition openings, workshops with artists and the mediation team, talks, a dinner and an opening party.

This edition introduces 4 action platforms – VIVIFICAR, SUSTENTAR, CONECTAR and EXPANDIR – to assess contemporary socioecological paradigms and re-imagine a possible and regenerative future. Bienal’23 transforms 14 locations in Porto into dynamic creative spaces where 123 actions inspire audiences to participate in artistic Acts of Empathy.

While SUSTENTAR Labs explores themes of urban and regional sustainability, VIVIFICAR through artist residencies with communities’ questions and challenges one of the most pressing issues in low-density territories, the settlement of populations. Both platforms call for concrete solutions and actions, while EXPANDIR offers a speculative, experimental dimension, presenting academic and professional socio-ecological-driven arts initiatives for emerging artists. CONECTAR opens international dialogue and partnerships, through exhibitions that address and connect challenging, diverse cultural and artistic ecosystems.

Bienal ’23 Fotografia do Porto full programme

Image: Marcelo Moscheta, Across the Matter of Time exhibition