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08 May 2011

Camera Cagliostro

Film-co-operative Camera Cagliostro (est. 1999) is a small but well-known Finnish production company. It specialises in animation and both radio and TV documentaries.

The co-operative has produced the animation series Mire Bala Kale Hin, which is a co-production with three national televisions (Finland /YLE, Czech Republic /CTV, and Holland/KRO). Other award winning production includes the puppet animation Animal directed by Tatu Pohjavirta

The company is lead by director Katariina Lillqvist. Her retrospectives have been shown in several big festivals. She has won many prizes including the Silver Bear in Berlin 1996. In 2006 she got the highly acclaimed Finnish National Arts Award for her work.

Camera Cagliostro also co-operates with other animation and fiction film artists and directors. It also works fruitfully with various well known Czech animation artists.