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22 Oct 2018

Bundanon Trust

Bundanon Trust supports arts practice and engagement with the arts through its residency, education, exhibition and performance programmes. Its Artist-in-Residence programme is open to professional artists and thinkers from all disciplines, individually or in groups. 

Well-known artist Arthur Boyd originally purchased the site in the 1970s, and he immediately saw it as a place to be shared, at first with fellow artists and later with a wider public. Arthur and Yvonne Boyd gifted the property in 1993. Boyd believed that ‘you can’t own a landscape’, and he wished that others could draw inspiration from the place.

Bundanon now hosts 350 artists every year through the Artist-in-Residence programme, many of whom have responded to the unique environment. Bundanon Trust places care for the landscape at the centre of its mission, especially through its Landcare Living Landscape programme, an environmental and educational initiative to increase biodiversity, capture carbon and reconnect native habitat. The programme involves multiple partners across the environmental, agricultural, Indigenous, scientific, government and non-government sectors and has seen the restoration of large parts of the Bundanon properties since 2012.

Since 2008 Bundanon Trust has also organised Siteworks, a yearly site-specific, multi-disciplinary, programme that brings scientists, artists and community voices together to share knowledge and ideas arising from the Bundanon sites through a series of discussions, presentations and experiences. 

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