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16 Oct 2012

Beppu Project

BEPPU PROJECT is a non-profit art organization based in Beppu, a city in Oita Prefecture, known as one of the world's greatest hot spring areas.

Founded in April 2005, BEPPU PROJECT has implemented various activities such as the introduction and promotion of art, development of human resources, transmission of local information nationwide, and the facilitation of infrastructure. The accumulation of these experiences came to fruition in Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2009 "Mixed Bathing World". Following its success, BEPPU PROJECT is now about to take a big step to take the potential of art to full realization.

Art is a catalyst to make us "aware" of different perspectives, evoking creativity by prompting us to see and think freely. It opens new possibilities to change familiar views into a rich world full of diversity. BEPPU PROJECT thinks that creativity is the very resource for the future.

Art Events

International Contemporary Art Festivals

  • The Beppu Contemporary Art Festival "Mixed Bathing World", a citizens-led international art festival, is triennially held over the entire Beppu area.

  • Registration-Type Art Events for Local Cultural Activities

  • The BEPPU ART MONTH is held in fall every year, to provide platforms for a diversity of registered cultural programs by citizens, including exhibitions, dance, traditional singing, and film screenings. Through this, we foster and support cultural groups, and create opportunities for different froups to interact.


BEPPU PROJECT organizes an open call artist-in-residence project called "KASHIMA BEPPU ARTIST IN RESIDENCE", aiming at fostering young artists and promoting art and culture.

Partnerships with Cultural Institutions Worldwide
BEPPU PROJECT has an exchange agreement with Metal, artistic laboratory spaces in the UK of which Jude Kelly is the chair. Utilising its domestic and international network, BEPPU PROJECT has conducted exchange projects with Nantes, France, for example, as well as human resource develoment programs.

Facilitating Infrastructure

Constellation-Plane Art Complex Plan

With a network of scattered "platform", vacant shops renovated into hubs for interactions, BEPPU PROJECT considers the entire city as a huge art complex. To develop this idea into real form, it maintains and manage each spot, conducting a social experiment to improve the circulation of people, and promote exchange and creative activities.

Permanent Installations in Public Space

BEPPU PROJECT has set and manageed a mural by Michael Lin, titled "Beppu 04.11-06.14.09", on the 2nd floor of Kansai Kisen Terminal Pier 3, Beppu International Port.

Design, Publication, Product Development

Transmitting Local Information
BEPPU PROJECT publishes and hands out the free magazine "Tabitecho Beppu" targeting women in their 20s and 30s as possible new visitors, with the hope readers will spread the contained information through word of mouth. Local attractions are also publicised to various groups of people.

Producing Local Goods and Running Multi-brand Store
BEPPU PROJECT runs a multi-brand store "SELECT BEPPU" which handles local craft products and artists' works. It tries to rediscover and add new brand values to local products, as well as developing collaborative products.

Making New Schemes to Join Art and Local Economy
BEPPU PROJECT issues coupon-type cash ticket "BP" valid for art events and exhibitions, as well as at affiliated spots such as restaurants, souvenir shops, tourist facilities, and hot springs. It tries to create interactions between art and local economic activities.