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31 Dec 2014

Beppu, Japan | platform05 Residence Space



platform05 - Residence Space in Beppu is a beautiful Japanese house in the city of Beppu which has been transformed by Beppu Project as a space for creators - a space of possibilities. It opens in 2014 and offers subsidised rent for selected artists, as well as coordination and communication on artists projects developed through residencies undertaken in the city.

platform05 can be used for daily or short-term residency projects (maximum 3 weeks). It is a Japanese house called Nagaya, the traditional form of urban, row housing in Japan, dating back several hundred years. It is a stimulating environment for artists and creators (performers, writers, visual artists, architects, as well as social and cultural researchers, philosophers etc.) who would like to take time to develop and nurture their ideas.

There is no fixed deadline for applications. But applicants from abroad should apply at least 2 months ahead of the proposed residency dates.

Download the platform05 brochure: pla05_brochure

Please use the online application form


Beppu Project also runs the popular international artist residency, Kashima. In 2013, the Slovenian artist Matej Andraz Vogrincic was selected - you can read about his residency in Beppu here (it's in Slovenian!  use google.translate)

Photo: Matej Andraž Vogrinčič