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07 Jun 2011

The Arts Grants Committee

The Arts Grants Committee awards government grants to individual artists within the areas of visual art and design, music, theatre, dance and film.

The Arts Grants Committee supports professional artists’ work, development and international contacts and keeps itself informed about artists’ financial and social circumstances. These activities are financed by the Swedish government.

The financial support is intended for practising artists, primarily free-lancers without permanent employment. The guiding principle in the awarding of the grants is the artistic quality of the applicants’ work, the range of the artistic practice and the need for financial support. Those who are currently receiving an education in the arts are not entitled to grants. Artists from different parts of the country and representatives for different genres, styles and techniques are considered when grants are awarded.

In order to receive a grant, one’s main artistic practice must be in Sweden or one must be permanently resident in the country. (However, foreign artists may be invited for a residency at IASPIS.