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30 Jun 2011

Artos Cultural and Research House

The Artos Cultural and Research House is an organisation that specialises in four pillars: Contemporary Arts, Science, Innovation, and Social Impact

It is a natural evolution from ARTos Foundation which for 21 years (2000-2021) contributed to the local and European culture in the fields of Cultural research, creativity, scientific thinking, and social impact. 

Its premises offer a platform for scientists, artists, researchers, and creative individuals to participate in various cultural and research programmes at a local as well as an international level. Artos House is engaged and stimulates social debate on contemporary social challenges and provides tangible solutions/experiences to society while supporting the creative industry. It also functions as a crossdisciplinary space, organising and undertaking the production of events such as innovation, performances, concerts, cinema, training, education, entrepreneurship, private events, conferences, digital activism, and more. 

Artos House has a strong European and International network, with which there is a lot of know-how exchanges and participates in a variety of EU projects while blending creativity with the economy, research, entrepreneurship, and policy development.