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25 Nov 2018

Art workshop Lazareti (AWL)

Art radionica Lazareti / Art workshop Lazareti (AWL) is an independent art organisation established in 1988, which organises exhibitions, performances, lectures and other art events in the public, civic spaces of Dubrovnik. The main mission of the organisation is to improve the quality of cultural, artistic and social life in Dubrovnik through development, improvement and stimulation of high quality arts, cultural, educational and social projects and programs, as well as through active contribution to the development of civil society in Dubrovnik and Croatia. The organisation takes the problem-seeking and investigative approach to contemporary art and society.

Through its art programmes, the Antitoxin Programme (workshops, lectures, extra-institutional education, film programmes, panel discussions and public actions, as well as publishing) and the Quarantine project, AWL has brought contemporary art, independent art production and culture, as well as critical and theoretical discourses about art, culture, civil society and politics into the life of Dubrovnik. AWL has opened up a public space for active engagement with the problems of the local community.

The organisation also includes contemporary art gallery ‘Otok’ and a Lazareti club. The Club has been promoting less commercial music genres as well, encouraging and supporting local bands to work and perform.