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28 Nov 2016


AltArt is an NGO that promotes digital culture and aims to strengthen the Romanian cultural sector. AltArt contributes to promoting the impact of culture on societal development through research, debates, networking and policy work.

Its projects involve the development of interactive platforms, a series of mixed reality events exploring new cultural dimensions through the use of the Internet and new technologies, workshops, exhibitions, live art events etc. AltArt projects deal with topics related to public space, urban regeneration, identity and social relations in digital space.


  • Future Forecast – reflection on urban contemporary life by artists and scientists, public art;

  • E-Tribal Art – artistic interventions in the social texture of electronic tribes;

  • Bare Share – analysis of the culture of sharing in Romania;

  • Synchroni-Cities – a game-like platform for urban exploration in Europe;

  • Terra Incognita – a series of interactive, mixed reality exploration events, tackling social, cultural and political issues;

  • Press Repeat Sam – interactive film workshops, DIY workshops.

In 2009, AltArt has established together with other Cluj based organizations and artists the Paintbrush Factory an independent space for contemporary arts.