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28 May 2014

Alliance Française of Hangzhou

Alliance française is a non-profit organisation aiming at a better mutual understanding through the promotion of the French language and Francophone cultures and the valorisation of the host country cultural values.

This worldwide network, founded in 1883 and coordinated by Fondation Alliance française in Paris, now accounts for over 800 training centers, among which 16 in China. It owes its success to the consistently faithful nature of a foreign public enamoured by the French language and culture.

Alliance française symbolises a French nation constantly moving forward. Its exceptional longevity and vitality springs from the close links which have been established with local authorities, the people in host countries, the French government and its Embassies and Consulates.

Alliance Française Hangzhou, founded in 2008, is the fruit of a successful partnership with Zhejiang University of Industry and Commerce and the French Embassy in China. It is seen by people as the premier institution in Zhejiang province for all matters related to the French language and culture.