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28 May 2014

Alliance Française of Hangzhou

Founded in 1883, the Alliance Française (AF) is a non-profit educational institution of high prestige. It networks more than 420,000 students in 137 countries. This genuine international meeting place aims at promoting culture exchanges between France and other countries. At the Alliance, people from highly diverse backgrounds, with highly diverse sets of interests (cultural, professional etc.) come together from all corners of the globe.

Active in Hangzhou since 2008, the Alliance Française has welcomed over 3500 students and is a privileged partner of the French General Consulate for its language programs.

In addition to its courses, the Alliance Française in China organizes numerous cultural activities for both children and adults, including concerts and exhibitions throughout the year.

The art department offers a lively approach to French and Chinese culture by learning the arts.

The missions of the French Alliance include the promotion of Chinese culture to the French public. As such, the Alliance also provides Chinese language courses in the centre of Hongkou.

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