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24 Jun 2011

Alliances Française de Bruxelles-Europe

The Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe (AFBE) is a Belgian non-profit association that forms part of a worldwide network of 829 locally-governed associations in 137 countries.

The AFBE operates as part of the Alliance Française Foundation which, along with Alliance Française de Paris-Ile-de-France, carries out the mission of the Alliance française de Paris, founded in Paris in 1883.

AFBE, just as any Alliance française in the worldwide network, has no political or religious pretentions and its purpose is to:

  • Provide French language instruction
  • Promote French and francophone culture
  • Advance cultural diversity

The AFBE has progressively come to specialise in French courses designed for those working to build a united Europe. In 1996, the French Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs, the COCOF and the C.G.R.I., which subsequently became WBI (Wallonia Brussels International) and then FWB (Federation Wallonia Brussels), joined forces in order to provide the Alliance française de Bruxelles-Europe with the resources to better fulfil its mission as part of the "Centre Européen de Langue Française".

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