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04 Apr 2011

Allegro Film

"Films should and must give people food for thought, touch them, make them laugh, entertain them.”
Helmut Grasser, Producer

Since its foundation in 1989, Allegro Film has produced more than 50 films for cinema and TV. The company believes that being able to produce films for cinema and TV is a privilege – a creative process which should only be undertaken as teamwork and with an enduring sense of responsibility for the viewer. Allegro produces both feature films and documentaries.

The company’s success include films such as WE FEED THE WORLD (205,000 audiences in Austria) and LET’S MAKE MONEY (winner of the 2009 German Documentary Award), which are among the most successful Austrian documentaries ever.  A Silver Lion (Venice 2001) for DOG DAYS and a Bronze Leopard (Locarno 2000) for HOLD UP are some of the awards won.

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