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24 May 2011

Bos Bros. Film-Tv Productions

Bos Bros. Film-TV Productions is an independent film and television production company that specialises in children, youth and family productions. The programs and productions made by BosBros differentiate themselves by their professional, creative and where necessary commercial approach.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of BosBros. is being one of the most successful production companies of family entertainment. To realize this mission statement we use a special three-way-approach: First of all we produce films aimed for a small, mostly young target group (for instance Winky's Horse) which are basically released only in Dutch cinema's in spring or fall time.

Secondly, the category where BosBros. has got a very good reputation, are the major Dutch family films (Abeltje, Minoes, Yes Nurse No Nurse, Pluk and his Tow Truck and The Horror Bus) which are released in Dutch and Flemish cinema's around the Christmas holidays.

Finally we make films for an international audience (for instance The ZigZag Kid). These films are recorded in English and are distributed in as many countries as possible.

BosBros. accomplishes this strategy in collaboration with Warner Bros./ Warner Home Video.

Besides films we also focus on producing television series, like Circus Waltz. This 7-episode drama series is made in co production with the Dutch Channel 3. The target audience for Circus Waltz are adults en will be broadcasted weekly on Saturdays on prime-time from September 2006 on Channel 3.

Many BosBros. productions are nominated or rewarded at (inter)national tv and/or film -festivals, such as:

# Prix de Jeunesse (Munich)

# International Emmy Award (New York)

# Platinum Film (The Netherlands)

# Gouden Kalf (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

# Cinekid Award (Amsterdam)

# Prix Danube (Bratislava)

# Dutch Academy Award (Hilversum, The Netherlands)

# Silver Spire (San Francisco)

# Rocky Award (Banff)

# PREMIOS ONDAS (Barcelona)

# Niños y Jovenes

# Divercine (Montevideo)

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